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“Life in Motion” Delineates the Classic and Modern through Contemporary Dance

Choreographed by Chinese dance prodigy Liu Fuyang and performed by 29 talented young dancer, Life in Motion, the finale of Liu’s incredibly popular series of works, made its premiere performance in Sydney on 14th October.

Experimentally conceived and avant-garde in style, Life in Motion encompasses symbolic elements that reflect the Eastern culture, along with an emphasis on the enthralling charm of southern China. Featuring powerful physical movements, pure emotional expression, and oriental aesthetics, it explores the harmonious relationship between man and nature. 

The dance performance consists of four major parts, exhibiting a seamless fusion of classical elegance and modern fashion throughout the employment and application of time and light.

“We’re trying to use natural and simple movements to reflect Eastern aesthetics, we also intended to inspire the audience through an eloquent way, but in the meantime, leave much space for them to imagine freely”, said Fuyang Liu, choreographer of the dance. 

Admitted by Minzu University of China at the age of 14, Fuyang Liu, the famous dance prodigy in China, is now a National First-Level Performer in China, and the Director of the Dance Troupe of Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre. He achieved the title of “Youth Dance Master” in the 4th Singapore International Chinese Art Festival — International Chinese Dance Competition, and further cemented his reputation through the achievement of the most prestigious national award including Judging Committee Special Prize in National Dance Competition, and the Chinese Lotus Prize in National and Folk Dance Competition. 

Liu is also the most-seen male leading dancer in over 20 dance dramas and an astonishing number of solo and duet works, and highly commented by SMG Shanghai TV as “a poet in his dance, exuding both elegance and enthusiasm”.

Life in Motion, as part of Zhejiang Cultural Festival, aims to provide an opportunity for Australian dance lovers to experience the unique charm of Chinese contemporary dance, which is rarely seen in Australia. 

“It is also hoped that the audience can relate to the philosophical thinking and Chinese aesthetics expressed in the dance so that mutual understanding can be enhanced”, said Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre.

“We are excited to bring this show to Australia, a country of thriving culture and creativity. ” said Wang Wenlong, President of Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre. 

Presented by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre, Life in Motion will also be presented on 16th October 2016, at Theatre Royal Hobart, Tasmania after the Sydney premiere.
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