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“Cultural Breeze” Brings Chinese Traditional Kites and Fans Exhibition to Australia

Enriched by its deep cultural deposit, Zhejiang Province has been a great embodiment of Chinese enduring history and brilliant civilisation.

With two distinct cultural elements, the exhibition tilted “Cultural Breeze” was opened at the China Cultural Centre on 13th October, featuring Chinese traditional kites and fans. 

Boasting a history of 3,000 to 4,000 years, Chinese fan culture is an significant component of Chinese national culture with deep connotations in opera, dance and martial arts. With the same enduring history, kite also has a wide range of application in various fields such as military, technology, scientific research, arts and crafts, prevention of diseases, fitness and folk customs.

“The exhibited items not only showcase the local culture of Zhejiang Province, but also exhibit Chinese calligraphy and painting”, said Mr Yingbao Zhang, Cultural Counselor of China in Sydney.

With a specific focus on Wang Xing Ji fan art and Huzhou kite making technique, two representative Chinese intangible cultural heritages, exhibited items showcase the essence of Chinese fan and kite making techniques with traditional southern characteristics for thousands of years, integrating static artistic exhibition and dynamic demonstration. 

“Contributed to the the rich cultural deposit of Zhejiang, we have so many creative and unique programs to share with the Australian public”, said Mrs. Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney.

The profundity and diversity of Zhejiang culture are fully interpreted as every exhibit features superb craftsmanship and every demonstration embodies deep and vivid cultural elements. 

Jackie Menzies, Emeritus Curator of Asian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, also emphasised the practicable meaning and aesthetic value of Chinese traditional culture, and highly complimented the exhibited intangible cultural heritages.
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