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Kite Making and Fan Painting Workshops Delights School Students

In conjunction with the “Cultural Breeze” — Exhibition on Kites and Fans, two associated workshops were introduced to students from Loreto Kirribilli. These fascinating cultural sessions were focused on traditional Chinese fan painting and kite making.

Three instructors, Mr Guofu Ding, Mr Yuecheng Jin, and Ms Beihong Yu, gave introductions to local students with reference to the history, features, development and making process of the Chinese intangible cultural heritage items. 

“Renowned as a fan kingdom, China has witnessed the evolution and improvement of thousands of fans, which are classified into two main types: flat fans, which cannot be folded; and folded fans”, said Mr. Ding.

Captivated by the instructor’s demonstration, students also had the opportunity to practise by painting their own fans. 

Along with the fan painting workshop was the kite making group, “procedures of kite making follow three interconnected steps of tying, pasting and painting as their qualities influence the performance of kites in the end”, said Mr. Jin.

“The painting is a major manifestation of artists’ conceptions and ideals, as well as local culture and customs shown on traditional kites,” he added. 

“It’s very exciting to create my own kite, I can’t wait to test it outside with my friends”, proudly displaying her freshly made kite, one of the students said.

With straightforward methods and steps, these workshops gave students opportunities to not only practise their creativity, but also to achieve a sense of accomplishment in the making process. Students gathered outside after the workshop to fly their kites, adding much jollity to the cultural activity.

These workshops were also previously held in China cultural Centre in Sydney on 14th October, presenting the amazing Chinese intangible cultural items to 40 local students from Ravenswood School for Girls.
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