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Curtain raised on Sichuan Animation and Comic exhibition at China Cultural Centre (Sydney)

Sichuan Province has served as one of the leading comic creation base of Western China and has evolved into a well-equipped animation industrial supply chain and a comprehensive animation associated industry cluster in recent years.

Jointly presented by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, exhibition entitled “Sichuan Contemporary Animation and Comic Show” opened on the evening of 16th June, 2017 at the gallery of China Cultural Centre in Sydney. 

Distinguished guests including Mr Jules Faber, President of the Australian Cartoonist Association,Ms Michelle Krikowa, Mr. Li Hongwei, Deputy Secretary-General of Digital Entertainment Culture Promotion Association of Sichuan Province, Professor Zhong Yuanbo, Director of Sichuan Animation and Comic Research Center, Professor in Chengdu University, Ms Zhang Yan, Chengdu Qianhuan Starry Sky Culture and Communications Co., Ltd. addressed the opening ceremony.

During the opening of the exhibition, Director Zhao Li warmly welcomed all guests and participants of the evening. She said in her speech, “It is a pleasure for us to get the opportunity to know some of the top comic artists in Australia through the exhibitions we have hosted in the past few years.China Cultural Centre in Sydney wishes to establish a platform to promote the professional communication between the Australian and Chinese comic and animation industry, and to see the result from the mutual learning and exchange.” 

Mr Jules Faber followed with a speech sharing his thoughts on Chinese Comics. He mentioned that as a western cartoonist, he is often impressed by the quality of Chinese artworks. He said, ”The Chinese culture and the happy marriage of modern humour and ideas with sometimes ancient brushwork and watercolour is truly beautiful.” He concluded,” I very much look forward to working with the China Cultural Centre into the future, most importantly, keep that wonderful relationship cartoonists around the world enjoy wherever they may find themselves.”

Mr. LI Hongwei, Professor Zhong Yuanbo and Ms Zhang Yan each gave a comprehensive overview of Sichuan Cartoon and Animation Industry and the stories behind the production of the selected works they are exhibiting.

Entries to this exhibition include manga and animation produced by Chengdu University, Chengdu Qian Huan Xing Kong company, Sichuan Huizhi Culture and other units as well as winners of the First Sichuan Manga and Animation Contest in 2016. The exhibition will allow visitors to have a unique opportunity to learn more about the charm and core values of traditional Chinese culture and the characteristics of Sichuan culture through panda images and folk rhymes of children. 

The exhibition, which is located in the gallery of China Cultural Centre(Sydney) will be open to the public until 20th July, 2017.

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