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Sichuan Cultural treasure shines in Australia’s leading art festival

Following the successful inauguration of the “Shifting Permanence – Sichuan Contemporary Arts Exhibition” early in September, in this month once again CCC in Sydney brings rich Chinese elements to the final days of this year’s OzAsia Festival, and this time in a traditional way.

The two-day program offers festival go-ers an up close live performance to indulge in some of the most valuable cultural treasures renowned for their historic uniqueness and exceptional skills involved, including Chinese Acrobatics, Puppet dances, Ethnic dances, Sichuan Face Changing and more.

12 performers of Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Troupe made their appearance to the general public in Lucky Dumpling Market and Family Day event at University of Adelaide Campus on October 7th & 8th, respectively.

Hundreds of audience members surrounded the open stage and clapped their hands and cheered loud to show their appreciation and enjoyment to each performance. “This is definitely eye-opening and mesmerizing, we’ve heard of the face changing before but today is our first time seeing it. It’s magical!” said one of the visitor. 

OzAsia Festival is held annually, launched by Adelaide Festival Centre and is Australia’s major arts festival engaging with Asia, makes a strong contribution to Adelaide’s unique reputation as Australia’s festival city.

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