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“China Tourism and Culture Week-Colourful Culture, Charming Guizhou” Series of events kicked off in Sydney

On the 18th June, the exhibition of Colourful Culture and Charming Guizhou, one of the series of China Tourism and Culture Week, was grandly opened at China Cultural Centre in Sydney(CCC), with the presence of almost a hundred guests.

As a mountainous province, Guizhou is rich in natural, cultural and environmental resources. Themed by four components, this particular exhibition was specially designed in creating its tourism brand of “Colourful Guizhou, Mountain-park Province”, thus making the place of culture, the place of ecology, the place of wine, and the place of singing and dancing known to the world.

The first theme of the exhibition focused on Seeing, which showed the visitors with astonishing images of Guizhou landscape and its folks. 

The second theme, Touching, was the highlight of the evening. It presented sculpture crafts, ethnic costumes and intangible cultural heritage show. The live performance in particular carried by the batik inheritor Yang Qiying, the silverware inheritor Wei Wenqin, and the embroidery inheritor Zheng Xiaohua amazed the visitors. They were impressed by the ingenuity of the inheritors and they learned the production of non-legacy crafts such as batik, embroidery and silverware under the guidance of the inheritors.

Finally, integrated by Virtual Reality experience of Guizhou landscape and Guizhou tea and fruit wine Tasting, the exhibition offered an open and inclusive Guizhou, a booming Guizhou and a charming Guizhou to the guests.

As part of the global joint program designed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China in 2019, “China Tourism and Culture Week- Colourful Culture, Charming Guizhou” will be displayed at CCC in Sydney until the end of June 2019.
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