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Chongqing Tourism Promotion Event in Sydney

On 5th July, the Chongqing Tourism Promotion was held at the Hyatt Regency Sydney. Co-hosted by China Cultural Center in Sydney(CCC), China National Tourist Office in Sydney(CNTO) and the Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Committee(CCTDC), this event attracted over a hundred of specialists and guests from Australian local tourism industries, travel agencies and media.

On the event, representatives from CCTDC described Chongqing as an ‘A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal’. They introduced the guests to many attractions in Chongqing, including the world natural heritage sites – Mount Jinfo and Dazu Rock Carving, the regional intangible cultural heritage – Qi Jiang peasant printmaking, the historic museum – Three Gorges Museum, the home of giant pandas and their famous food – hot pot.

The whole presentation not only allows the guests to appreciate the unique charm of Chongqing but also enables Australian travellers to have a deeper understanding of the landscape and humanity in Chongqing.

Chongqing is the fourth municipality in China, which is deemed as a cultural and historical city with many unique traits. Apart from being blessed with water on three sides, buildings here have also been constructed against the mountains. Therefore, different layers are built to the city’s appearance that has become a hallmark of Chongqing, giving it the nickname “Mountain city”. At night, the skyline is absolutely stunning with the sparking lights from tens of thousands of households mingled with the reflections from the water. 

In recent years, the tourism exchanges between Chongqing and Australia have grown rapidly. In 2018, there have been over 70,000 Australian tourists visited Chongqing. 

Chongqing is currently on the 72 hours visa-free transit policy, which applies to travellers from 53 countries and regions, including Australia. Sydney and Melbourne have two weekly passenger flights to Chongqing, making it easy to travel.

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