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China and Australia Photography Masters Talk: How to Explore and Cultivate Adolescent Photographer

On 11th July, as one of the series of “The World in the Eyes of Youth,Exhibition of International Youth Photography”, China and Australia Masters Talk was held at China Cultural Centre in Sydney with the attendance about 40 local photography enthusiasts. 

Four keynote speakers were invited to give speeches on issues related to youth photography. They are Mr. Dong Liang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Working Committee of Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition, Mr. Zeng Yi, Executive President of the Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance and Director of the China Artistic Photography Society, Mr. Moshe Rosenzveig, Founder and Creative Director of Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival and Ms. Qu Lili, Assistant to Chairman of China Artistic Photography Society.

During the talk, Zeng Yi introduced people’s everyday life, folk customs, and natural landscape of the countries along the “One Belt And One Road” by using his photography, and shared his shooting process and creative ideas to the audience.

Moshe Rosenzveig presented the impetus behind starting Head On and development of the festival to the audience. He hoped to further strengthen the cooperation with the Chinese photography industry and jointly promote the cultural exchanges between China and Australia.

Dong Liang and Qu Lili also expressed their views on “the Aesthetic Education Function of Youth Photography Education” and “How to Use Photography to Improve the Aesthetic Education of Young People” respectively.

This event not only provided a platform for the exchange of ideas between Chinese and Australian photographers and photography enthusiasts but also promoted young people to be a witness, builder and inheritor of cultural exchanges.
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