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Our Shiny Days







Our Shiny Days

Chen Jing is a bit of a quirky girl that isn’t afraid to show her emotions, whether they are love or hate. Her nickname is Shen Jing(Crazy) and she is a bit of a character at the attached middle school. She has poor relations with people, but her good friend You is willing to go along with whatever she is up to. Full of confidence, Chen Jing is in love with the school heartthrob, but ends up being mocked and taunted by him, which also sets off a battle between the two departments at school. In order to prove herself to the school heartthrob, Chen Jing sets up the “2.5 Dimension Band” with the mysterious occupants of dorm 502 and challenges the authority and prejudices placed before her in an array of comical performances full of the vigor of youth. This muddle-headed strong young girl tries to defend her love with the help of her loyal friends and matures from the crazy girl she was into a girl full of charismatic appeal.

Length: 100 mins

Director: Ran Wang

Genre: Comedy, youth, campus, inspirational

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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