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The Master





主演:廖凡 宋佳 金士杰 宋洋 蒋雯丽



The Master

During the period of the Republic of China, proponent of the Southern martial art form Wing Chun, Chen Shi, comes North. In order to establish this school in the martial arts world, Zheng Shan’ao advises him to establish a center for student of this form. At the same time, Chen Shi meets a beautiful yound woman in the famous restaurant KIESSLING. In order to disguise his identity and true purpose, he marries her and taks on local youth Geng Liangchen as a disciple to represent him in the school. When the army gets involved, the world of martial arts in Tianjin encounters great changes.

Length:109 mins

Director: Xu Haofeng

Cast: Liao Fan, Song Jia, Jin Shijie, Song Yang, Jiang Wenli

Genre: Drama, Action, Martial Arts

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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