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The Song of Cotton








The Song of Cotton

The film’s story is about a woman named Mianhua(“Cotton”) who came to Beijing nearly ten years ago for work. She takes on a job she has never done before – caring for a grumpy old boxer who suffers from Alzheimer’s. The man’s son from his second wife lives overseas and shows no concern for the old boxer. The man’s daughter from his ex-wife hires Mianhua to look after him, but she despises and distrusts nannies, claiming they “are deceitful, and abuse and take advantage of the elderly”. To her surprise, her father and Mianhua become closer each passing day, right under his own roof. The man begins to see Mianhua as his ex-wife, whom he still has feelings for. Suddenly, Mianhua unexpectedly become pregnant…

Length: 91 mins

Director: Yuancheng Zhu

Cast:  Bingyan Yan, Deshun Wang, Liya Ai,Qing Wang, Naiwen Wang

Genre: Drama

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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