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Xuan Zang





主演: 黄晓明 ,徐峥,蒲巴甲,罗晋,汤镇业



Xuan Zang

In the third year of Tang Dynasty’s Zhenguan period (AD 629), the 27-year-old monk Xuanzang decided to journey to India, the land of Buddha, and seek the original Buddhist scriptures. As the emperor would not permit travel, his fellow traveler refused to go and Xuanzang had to make his journey alone. He traveled continuously west, crossing mountains, rivers and deserts, meeting a range of difficluties and dangers along the way and finding his way through difficult passes. His journey stretched for more than 13,800 li. Xuanzang completed his great journey alone and finally reached the Buddhist holy land of Nalanda. He then spent five years in Nalanda studying dharma under the tutelage of Shilabhadra. After that, he traveled India and continued his meditation. Harsha held a debate on Buddhist scripture in Kannauj where Xuanzang discussed scripture and allowed others to ask questions, but none could baffle him. This became a much-fold story of religious, cultural and ideological collision and exchange at the time. In the 19th year of Zhengguan period(AD 645), Xuanzang returned to Chang’an with 150 Buddhist relics, seven figures of Buddha and 657 sets of scripture. Xuanzang’s persistence in overcoming his experiences and hardships was remarkable and helped Buddhism to be passed down through the ages and develop to a higher stage.

Length: 120 mins

Director: Jianqi Huo

Starring:  Xiaoming Huang, Zheng Xu, Purba Rgyal

Genre: History

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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