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Song of the Phoenix








Song of the Phoenix

In the 1980s, Master Jiaosan headed a suona ensemble, playing the suona at weddings and funerals. The local custom wants that the masterpiece of “Song of Phoenix” could only be played to well-respected persons during their funerals. Jiaosan’s apprentice You Tianming worked very hard and stood out to succeed Master Jiao with the suona ensemble. Jiao and You witnessed a lot of ups and downs in this musical form of suona. When fellow suona players were forced to make a living in the city as unskilled laborers, the ensemble finally broke up. However You Tianming stuck to his promise made to Mater Jiao and committed himself to the traditional art. When Master Jiao passed away, Tianming played “Song of the Phoenix” at his graveside to commemorate the noble and dignified life of Master Jiao.

Length: 107 mins

Director: Tianming Wu

Cast: Zeru Tao, Mincheng Li

Genre: Drama

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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