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Police Diary





主演:王景春 孙亮 陈维涵



Police Diary

Hao Wanzhong, the police chief of Jungar Banner in inner Mongolia, dies at the age of 41. A Xinhua News Agency reporter’s interviews with his family, colleagues and some other people reveal that he is a diligent and responsible police chief who abhors evils and miseries of ordinary people. In his 17-year-career, Hao has kept 17 diaries. They record his daily routines, case analysis as well and personal thoughts starting from the very first criminal case he deals with, as well as his research and findings about an unresolved case. The diaries demonstrate commitment and hardship of a police chief at the grass-root level. He often says, only when we make sure of fairness in law enforcement, can people enjoy safety and peace.

Length: 110mins

Director: Ning Ying

Cast: Wang Jingchun, Chen Weihan, Sun Liang

Genre: Drama, Suspense, Thriller, Crime

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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