“Poetic Life–Handmade in China” (Season 1) Documentary Show


China, with its long history, has rich and diverse Intangible Cultural Heritage. It not only embodies Chinese wisdom, carries Chinese value, and condenses the Chinese spirit, but has also become an important force for promoting exchanges among civilizations. As of September 2019, 40 projects in China have been included in the UNESCO list of “Masterpieces of Human Oral and Intangible Heritage”, ranking first in the world. In order to celebrate China’s “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” on June 13 this year, and to show the charm of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, China Cultural Center in Sydney will cooperate with “DOC CHINA-Documentary Industry Service Platform” to launch “Poetic Life–Handmade In China” (Season 1) on our official website and social media platforms.

“Poetic Life–Handmade In China” offers an entertaining overview of the inheritance and development of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage from 80s and 90s generation’s unique perspective. This documentary focus on exploring the relationship between Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage handicrafts and modern life, revealing the secrets and magical production skills behind traditional handicrafts, introducing the works of Chinese cultural artisans, and attracting more Young people to know about traditional Chinese culture.

Nothing beats a true story. Documentaries are the best way of expressing a country’s traditional culture with. The image recording of traditional handicrafts is itself an inheritance. There are eight episodes in the first season of “Poetic Life–Handmade In China”, 30 minutes each episode. It takes a closer listen to more than ten Chinese national Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritors and their skills, including Longquan Celadon, Gem-Power-Lacquer Guqin, Xupai Nut-Carving, “Yingsheng Brand” Silver Kettle, Shanghai School Jade Carving, Realism Stone Carving, Freehand Sketching Painted Eggshell , Thangka, Tibetan Incense, Tibetan Wool Knitting, Tibetan Broadword, Tibetan Tongmen Leatherware, Bainang Highland barley, etc. Through their superb skills, the documentary excavated the story behind the unknown craftsmanship and inspired people with China’s “artisan spirit”.

Shot over the course of 12 months since January 2015, “Poetic Life–Handmade In China” (Season 1) journeyed tens of thousands of kilometers and dozens of cities throughout China, including Beijing, Henan, Shanghai, and Zhejiang , Jiangsu, Fujian, Tibet, and Everest. The result is not just a fascinating document of ancient skills, but also a beautiful recording of Chinese poetic life and the art that it can usher forth.

Poetic Life–Handmade In China 01
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 02
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 03
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 04
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 05
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 06
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 07
Poetic Life–Handmade In China 08

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