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Yellow River Aria – Lao Qiang





主演:李彧 李梦 任山 魏子昕



Yellow River Aria — Lao Qiang

The Shao family sings Laoqiang, a style of aria typical in the Yellow River reaches, for many generations. In 1921, the family adopts an abandoned baby near the river and names him Baimao. Xiaohua, the only boy in the young generation, has no interest in learning the singing. Therefore, the Shao family has to break the tradition of passing on the skill only to young men within the family and makes Baimao the heir. He turns out to be extremely gifted and gradually becomes the top singer of Yellow River aria in the areas near Shaanxi Province.

Length: 91 mins

Director: Gao Feng (Zi Geng)

Cast: Li Yu, Li Meng, Ren Shan, Wei Zixin

Genre: Drama

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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