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Mountains May Depart


1999年,山西汾阳姑娘沈涛徘徊在旷工梁子和煤矿老板张晋生的三角恋中,她最终选择了张晋生,梁子则郁郁离开。2014年,沈涛与张晋生离婚,张晋生 带着儿子到乐趣上海生活,而梁子因为身患绝症回到家乡。2025年,只会说英文的到乐和父亲分外隔膜,但和中文老师米娅关系很好。他渴望脱离父亲的控制,渴望得到甚至都不知道什么意思的“自由”。



主演:赵涛 张泽 梁景东 董子健



Mountains May Depart

In 1999, a girl named Shen Tao in Fenyang, Shanxi, was in a love triangle with Liangzi, a miner, and Zhang Jinsheng, a mice owner. When she decided to choose Zhang Jinsheng, Liangzi left disappointed. In 2014, Shen Tao got divorced with Zhang Jinsheng, and their son, Le, lived in Shanghai with dad. Nearly in the meantime, Liangzi wen back to hometown since he got cancer. In 2025, Le who can only speak English, feel a deep misunderstanding between his dad and himself, but he has a good relationship with his professor Mia. Le is desired to get rid of his father’s control and get real “freedom”.

Length: 126mins

Director: Jia Zhangke

Cast: Zhao Tao, Zhang Yi, Liang Jingdong, Dong Zijian

Genre: Drama, Family

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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