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Jiangnan Impression – Explore China’s Yangtze River Delta region

Attracting tens of millions of Chinese and international tourists each year, Jiangnan(Area south of the Yangtze Delta)continues to enchant, much as it did in when Tang dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote in “Dreaming of the Southern Shore [Jiangnan]” : “At sunrise riverside flowers redder than fire; In spring green waves grew as blue as sapphire.” Today, the Yangtze River Delta region, where the four provinces and cities of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui are located, is one of the most developed regions in China’s cultural and tourism industries. Enjoying an extensive networks of river and waterways, Jiangnan is one of the most fertile plains in China, as well as one of its earliest commercial hubs. The ancient towns including Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Xitang and Wuzhen, though, are considered the most representative Jiangnan burgs to both Chinese and foreign visitors. This region owes its beauty and prestige in Chinese history and was also renowned for its educated residents and literary culture.
Lujiazui in Shanghai
West Lake in Hangzhou
Master of the Nets Garden in Suzhou
Huangshan in Anhui

China Cultural Center and China National Tourist Office in Sydney has hosted a series of “Visiting China Online” events, and jointly launched “Jiangnan Impression – Explore China’s Yangtze River Delta region” with Department of Culture and Tourism of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province, and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism. Throughout the year Jiangnan has four distinctive seasons. The spring rain and glistening lakes make the scenery an absolute dream delight while elegant lotus flowers flourishes in summer; the crisp green hills and serene lakes with sparkling water are beautiful in autumn while the Remnant Snow on the Broken Bridge makes it a typical Jiangnan scene in winter. Huangshan in Anhui, West Lake in Hangzhou, Huangpu River in Shanghai, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum in Nanjing…There is always one of your favorites.

Check in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta region in China with us and you won’t want to miss it!
Video: Shanghai
Video: Jiangsu
Video: Zhejiang
Video: Anhui

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