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Shock Wave









Shock Wave

Zhang Zaishan is a senior inspector from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Division. Seven years ago as an undercover agent, he infiltrated the criminal organization of the most wanted criminal “Fire Storm” and managed to bring down the organization and arrest Fire Storm’s younger brother, Biao, and several robbers. However, Fire Storm escaped and vowed that he would be back for revenge. Seven years later Fire Storm begins his revenge by taking more than a hundred hostages in Hong Kong’s Cross-Harbour Tunnel and threatening to blow it up. To uphold law and order and bring the criminal to justice, Zhang Zaishan enters into a fight to the death against his nemesis, Fire Storm.

Length: 140mins

Producer: Andy Lau

Director: Herman Yau Lai-To

Cast: Andy Lau, Wu Jiang, Jia Song, Ng Cheuk Hai, Philip Patrick Keung Ho-men

Genre: Action, Suspense, Crime

Language:Mandarin with English subtitle

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