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Monster Hunt 2

《捉妖记 2》


        此片是典型的合家欢电影,影院上映的档期也选在中国节日气氛最浓的春节档期,该片上映首日曾创下5.46亿人民币的中国内地档单日最高票房成绩,2天票房破10亿的纪录,整个档期获得了22.36亿人民币(3.617 亿美元)的票房。


  • 《捉妖记2》中红色剪纸小人的形象变化,显示出影片在靠拢传统文化的努力,加上剪纸小人在特定场景中突然加戴上京剧里的头饰发冠,在视觉上加强了中国传统的辨识度。该片避免了生硬地重复迪士尼动画片的集体歌舞模式,角色歌舞秀仅在片头充任开场功能,而不再成为叙事中段的结构间隔,照顾到了非好莱坞观众的审美观看习惯 。(中国艺术报评)
  • 回溯昔日,虽然《捉妖记》算不上多么的经典,但那个精灵可人的胡巴也曾带给我过会心一笑,然而今时的再见,它却已然和电影所有的角色一样,丢失了灵魂,变的如此陌生。(梦里诗书)

Monster Hunt 2

In this sequel to the first “Monster Hunter” released in 2015, the happily-married, monster-hunting couple Huo Xiaolan (Bai Baihe) and Song Tianyin (Jing Boran) attempt to reunite with Wuba, their lovable adopted squid-monster baby. Xiaolan and Tianyin are just one of a handful of interested parties who are looking for Wuba, including cocky gambler Tu (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) and his chubby monster companion Ben-Ben. Tu inevitably learns from Xiaolan and Tianyin’s example and realizes that the money he needs to dig himself out of his massive personal debt can’t make him happy in the same way that a good relationship can.

“Monster Hunter 2” was a family-friendly action-comedy launched during the Chinese New Year in 2017. This blockbuster fantasy has demolished opening day records in mainland China reaching ¥546 million Yuan for a single day alone and reportedly hit $361.7 million USD for the whole window.

The red paper-cutting figure and the headdress from Peking Opera in “Monster Hunt 2” demonstrate the efforts of integrating Chinese traditional culture which enhanced the identification of Chinese tradition visually. Unlike the repetition of the collective song and dance pattern of Disney animation, the character song and dance show only serve as the opening credit, rather than the structural interval in the narrative, providing a different aesthetic visual feast for the audiences.
 “Monster Hunt 2” is so perfectly good-natured and so utterly nonsensical that it makes not-thinking-about-it basically an act of self-preservation, for which, bless its bouncing, gurgling, flolloping heart. 

Director: Raman Hui (co-director of “Shrek the Third”)
Starring: Baihe Bai, Boran Jing, Tony Leung
Genre(s): Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Runtime: 110 min

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