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Online Art Exhibition: Dream of the ‘Spring Fantasy’

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Art Exhibition on Spring Festival

Spring Fantasy: Integrated Art Exhibition


The Spring Festival is the grandest Chinese traditional festival, for the new year stands behind it remarks a new chapter. There are a lot of interesting customs and activities expressing new year wishes, such as staying-up for the new year, greeting visits to relatives, pasting Spring Festival Couplets, pasting window paper cuts, hanging Chinese lanterns, lighting firecrackers, giving red envelopes, eating dumplings and watching folklore performances like lion and dragon dance. These customs and activities of the Spring Festival are colorful, joyful and peaceful.


In collaboration with Zhejiang Provincial Department of Cultural and Tourism and Zhejiang Art Museum, China Cultural Centre in Sydney is holding an online virtual exhibition – ‘Spring Fantasy: Integrated Art Exhibition’, integrating live scenes, animations, videos, pictures and interactive mini-games, demonstrates chronological sections of ‘Spring Festival Custom in Pictures’ and ‘Spring in the Southern Yangtze’. Chinese New Year folk activities, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese delicacy, traditional Chinese medicine, New Year Pictures by traditional watermark printing, paintings on Spring Festival, and intangible cultural heritage performance skills are presented to audiences at home and abroad with Chinese New Year cultural symbols embedded with values of the Chinese nation.


This online virtual exhibition showcases the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture and people living in a harmonious society of lasting peace and common prosperity in contemporary China. We hope it could deliver our best wishes of the Spring Festival to Australians and overseas Chinese in Australia, and strengthen cultural exchanges between Australia and China.

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Spring Festival

Lantern Festival

Geng Zhitu - Tiling and Weaving

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