Jiangsu Traditional Performing Art Shows

Live performance has always been a vital part of Chinese culture. Chinese operas, puppet plays, shadow puppet plays, acrobatics and folk music are among the hallmarks of China Performing Arts, which is enjoying a renaissance as the nation moves to preserve and promote its rich heritage.

Originated from Kunshan in Suzhou city, Kunqu Opera is one of the oldest dramas in China with a long history of over 600 years and is reputed as the ancestor of Chinese dramas. For its elegant lines from the classic poems and graceful singing, Kunqu Opera is regarded as an orchid in the garden of Chinese traditional culture and art. Also, this great cultural art is listed as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. Yangzhou, whose rod puppet is as famous as the marionette of Quanzhou and the puppet of Zhangzhou, is known as Hometown of Puppets. As a national intangible cultural heritage, Yangzhou Rod Puppet has a long history and enjoys a high reputation all over the world. Jianhu is one of the birthplaces of Chinese acrobatics. In 2008, Jiangsu Acrobatics was selected as the second batch of the national intangible cultural heritage list. The Jiangsu Acrobatic Troupe is the only organization that  protects and inherits the Jianhu Acrobatics. Opera dance is an important element of Chinese opera. The opera dance program performed by the Jiangsu Drama School, Young Phoenix Volleys is re-arranged from classic Chinese opera repertoires. The essence of Chinese operas such as long sleeves and acrobatic fighting shows a beautiful Chinese style.

China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Jiangsu Provincial  Department of Culture and Tourism  jointly launch Jiangsu Traditional Performing Art Show, excitingly delivering Kunqu Opera Peony Pavilion by Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theater, Wooden Rod puppet show by Yangzhou Puppet Research Institute, acrobatics show Bridge, River and People by Jiangsu Acrobatic Troupe, and opera dance show Young Phoenix Volleys by Jiangsu Drama School, in order to showcase the unique artistic style , rich historical and cultural charm of Jiangsu,  promote Australian people’s understanding of Jiangsu’s traditional cultural heritage and cultural innovations.

Kunqu Opera: Peony Pavilion

Yangzhou Rod Puppet Show

Acrobatics: Bridge, River and People

Opera Dance Show: Young Phoenix Volleys

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