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The Beauty of Chinese Drama — Online Exhibition of Chinese Stage Art Boutique Repertoires


China Cultural Centre in Sydney together with the Department of Cultural and Tourism of Shanxi, Zhejiang, Guizhou Province, released an online exhibition featuring three Chinese stage art fine works, including the large-scale original folk dance drama “Forbidden Fruit under the Great Wall” by Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble Shanxi Vocational Art College, Peking opera “The King of Lanling” by Zhejiang Peking Opera Troupe, Large-Scale Song and Dance Poetry “Multinational Musical Feast” by Guizhou Opera and Dance Theater. It presents the innovative charm of large-scale dance drama, Peking Opera, song and dance poetry and other contemporary stage performing arts in China, promoting original Chinese works to the world.

Shan Xi

The large-scale original folk dance drama “Forbidden Fruit under the Great Wall” is the first one in the history of Chinese dance drama to reflect the culture and eulogize the spirit of Shanxi merchants. This play depicts the tragic love story of a young couple under the historical background of Shanxi merchants, and showcases the life in the late Qing dynasty and the early Republic of China with the unique form of national culture.

Zhe Jiang

The King of Lanling” tells the legendary story of a famous general of the Northern Qi Dynasty, The King of Lanling (Gao Changgong), who endured humiliation and reborn after his father was killed and his mother was taken from him. With a lot of Chinese opera elements,the civil play shows the complex inner world of the Lanling king, and the military play demonstrates the heroic spirit of a King with superb martial arts performance skills.

Gui Zhou

Large-Scale Song and Dance Poetry “Multinational Musical Feast” selected over 20 intangible cultural heritage elements from minority nationalities in Guizhou including Miao, Bouyei, Dong, Yi and Shui. Adopting the literary structure of poetry, this show consists of five chapters including “The Ancient Folk Customs of the Miao Nationality”, “The Folk Customs of the Bouyei Nationality”, “Traditional Music of the Shui Nationality”, “The Song of the Dong Nationality” and “The Enthusiastic Torch Festival of the Yi Nationality”, introducing the songs, dances and music of the five ethnic minorities, as well as the skills, languages and customs of Guizhou intangible cultural heritage. It not only allows the audience to experience the charm of Guizhou culture, but also is an exploration and integration of intangible cultural heritage and stage art.

We are exited to release these three excellent productions to Australian audience and hope you’ll enjoy the charm and beauty of contemporary Chinese performing arts.

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