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The New Classic of Mountains and Seas-Contemporary Art on Original Chinese Myths and Legends


Mythology is the source of national vitality and represents the spirit of national culture. The Classic of Mountains and Seas is a fabulous geographical and cultural account of pre-Qin China as well as a collection of Chinese mythology. The book is divided into eighteen sections, which can be classified into 4 categories: Classic of the Mountains (contents 5 chapters), Classic of Regions Beyond the Seas (contents 4 chapters), Classic of Regions Within the Seas (contents 5 chapters), and Classic of the Great Wilderness (contents 4 chapter).It is the earliest cultural and geographical record in China. As a wondrous book of ancient myths and legends, it serves as a record of geography, regional products and produce, ethnography, and folk customs, and embodies the original wisdom of ancient Chinese people.

In cooperation with Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, China Cultural Centre in Sydney will launch an epic exhibition hosted by Zhejiang Art Museum, The New Classic of Mountains and Seas-Contemporary Art on Original Chinese Myths and Legends.Based on the consistent purpose of Zhejiang Art Museum’s independent brand “Oriental Wisdom”, inspired by mythological documents, images of gods and beasts, and cultural symbols, this exhibition showcases the space-time, geography and history in The Book of Mountains and Seas, presenting the audience the traditional cultural heritage of ancient Chinese myth art.

This exhibition includes 3 sections: “Primordial Universe: The Lost Pieces of the Book of Heaven”, “Taotie: The Picture of the World”, and “Wake and Sleep: The New Record of Heaven and Earth”, featuring themed works from nearly 50 influential Chinese and international artists. Through various art forms such as painting, installation, video and new media, the exhibition demonstrates the profound humanity of Mountains and Seas mythology from the perspectives of the past, present and future. Exploring the original humanities and arts of The Classic of Mountains and Seas, presenting the dialogue between ancient mythology and contemporary art, this exhibition remind the audience of the spirit and cultural memory of Chinese.

This exhibition provides an ideal opportunity for Australian audience to experience the charm of Chinese mythology with the brilliant re-creation by Chinese contemporary artists, and enhances the understanding of traditional cultural heritage of Chinese mythology.

Primordial Universe: 

 The Lost Pieces of the Book of Heaven


The Picture of the World

Wake and Sleep: 

The New Record of Heaven and Earth

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