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CCC Sydney reveals final episode of “China Intangible Culture Heritage Weeks 2017”
主讲人上海中医药大学附属曙光医院心内科副主任医师王慧颖 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the great treasures of Chinese nation and it is growing in popularity worldwide in recent decades. Aimed to provide a channel for local TCM lovers to learn more about the the wisdom and charm of traditional Chinese medicine and experience the four diagnostics, namely, inspection, olfaction, inquiring and palpation, [...]
Australian high school students soak up Chinese Traditional Culture
育文武女子学校学生参加非遗技艺体验活动后合影 On the morning of July 28th, China Cultural Centre in Sydney brought together over 60 students from Ravenswood School for Girls and Concord High School, to enjoy a rare opportunity to get a taste of some of the world’s oldest Intangible Cultural Heritage items firsthand. Upon arrival, students were led by staff members of the Centre for a twenty-minute [...]
“China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks” brings Memories in Oracle Bone Script down under
”甲骨文记忆”暨“汉字密码——NICE Choice”展览现场 Following the success of the launch of China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks, two combined exhibitions, namely, “Memories in Oracle Bone Script” and “Chinese Characters Code — NICE Choice Cultural Creative Products Exhibition”, held their opening ceremonies on the evening of 27th July, 2017. H.E. Gu Xiaojie (Ambassadorial Rank), Consul General of People's Republic of China in Sydney, Mr. Zhang Yingbao, Cultural Counselor, [...]
“China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks” launched in Sydney, Australia
音乐沙龙现场 “China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks” returns to Australia, bigger and better than ever. Containing two exhibitions, two lectures, one performance and two special events, this event aims to invite visitors on an epic journey back to the ancient times in China, spotlights the enduring charms of Chinese civilisation dates back over two thousand years. Spearheading a lineup of many popular activities, “Chinese Traditional Music Salon” was held [...]
“Discover China – The Charm of Hong Kong Cinema” Lecture offers overview of Hong Kong Cinema to Sydneysiders
何思颖先生在“发现中国——香港电影:传统中华文化与西方现代文化的磨合”讲座上演讲 The year of 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). To share the joy of this remarkable moment, China Cultural Centre in Sydney is joining hands with Network of International Culturalink Entities and Hong Kong Film Archive to present a specially commissioned event under the theme of “The [...]
Curtain raised on Sichuan Animation and Comic exhibition at China Cultural Centre (Sydney)
WeChat Image_20170621094523   Sichuan Province has served as one of the leading comic creation base of Western China and has evolved into a well-equipped animation industrial supply chain and a comprehensive animation associated industry cluster in recent years. Jointly presented by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, exhibition entitled “Sichuan Contemporary Animation and Comic Show” opened on [...]
International Taichi & Qigong Workshop highlights Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend in Sydney
WechatIMG5 Brought together jointly by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Tai Chi Fitness Australia, a group of Tai Chi lovers had the opportunity to an unique experience of feeling good both inside and out at the International Taichi & Qigong Workshop on Saturday, 10 June 2017. It is universally known that the health benefits of [...]
“Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Chinese Traditional Culture” lecture held in Sydney
徐小跃教授讲解中国传统文化 Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are three major ancient religious beliefs that has been deeply rooted in Chinese culture, customs and worldview for over two millienia. They are the most influential school of thoughts among Chinese history emerged during the Spring & Autumn Period and continued to thrive until modern eras. On Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017, presenter Prof. Xu Xiaoyue, as [...]
Public forum “Face to Face with China” held to discuss retrospect and prospect for Sino-Australia cultural exchange
主讲嘉宾回答观众问题 Cultural exchange has played a prominent role in enhancing mutual understanding and building stronger ties of friendship between Australia and China over the past 45 years since the diplomatic relationship established. To discuss on the theme of retrospect and prospect for Cultural Exchange, a public forum hosted by Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Foundation of the Western Sydney [...]
Exhibition to commemorate the 70th anniversary of “The Winter of Three Hairs” unveiled in China Cultural Centre (Sydney)
《不老的三毛-穿梭在弄堂》开幕式嘉宾合影 A cartoon character “born” in 1935, Sanmao, which literally means “three hairs”, is a homeless street urchin character created by the acclaimed caricaturist Zhang Leping, who has been hailed as “Father of Sanmao". Regarded as one of the most famous cartoon in China, Sanmao has accompanied grow-up of generations and perhaps the oldest Chinese cartoon [...]
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