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Impression of the Palace Museum—Li Shaobai Photography Online Exhibition

To commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City and the 95th anniversary of the Palace Museum, China Cultural Centre in Sydney jointly launched “Impression of the Palace Museum-Li Shaobai Photography Online Exhibition” with Chinaculture.org. This exhibition selects 56 intriguing photographs taken by Chinese celebrity photographer Li Shaobai in the Palace Museum in Beijing. Li employed a unique perspective to show the magnificent architectural beauty of the Forbidden City and present a vivid image of it to people all over the world.

Chinese celebrity photographer Li Shaobai was an editorial board member of magazines such as Popular Photography, Chinese Photography and Photography and Video, who insists on showing and interpreting traditional Chinese landmark buildings (groups) from the humanistic aesthetic. He successively published “Photographic Selections of Li Shaobai’s Works”, “The Mysterious Forbidden City”, “The Great Wall”, “The Forbidden City”, “Simatai Great Wall”, “The Invisible Great Wall”, etc.

His works on the Great Wall and the Forbidden City have been exhibited in France, Germany, Japan, Estonia, Switzerland, the United States and China Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai.
The Palace Museum is the largest and best-preserved ancient timber-built palace complex in the world. This huge domain with red wall and yellow tiles is consists of magnificent buildings and staggered terraces. Li Shaobai recorded the Forbidden City through his lens, not only showing the beauty of the Forbidden City, but also telling the stories about the people here for hundreds of years. Hope this online exhibition could bring people a journey between classic and modern, perceive the charm of the real Forbidden City, and highlight the cultural connotation of the 600-year-old Forbidden City.
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