Charm of Jiangsu

Bound by the Yellow Sea to the east and with the Yangtze River cutting through its southern expanses, it’s unsurprising to see that Jiangsu province has become the synonym of water. Its nickname, “the land of fish and rice”, reflects not only how important water is to it, but also how its huge rice-farming and fishing enterprises have made it one of the wealthiest and cultural provinces in China.

There is a popular saying in China which states: “Above there is heaven; below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”. The province itself is a cultural mecca for south China and is the home of many famous traditions, including intangible cultural heritage projects, time-honored brands, traditional villages, and its delicates, which are listed as one of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese Cuisine. It’s also well known for its 10 projects which are included in Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage, and its world cultural heritage, including Suzhou Classical Garden, Ming Xiaoling Tomb and China Grand Canal. Yet one of the major draws to Jiangsu has always been its stunning natural scenery and beautiful canals. Yancheng Coastal Wetland is listed as a world natural heritage.

As a fertile land “abound in fish and rice”, every city in Jiangsu exudes unique charm and leaves unforgettable memories. In 2021, China Cultural Center in Sydney will cooperate with Jiangsu Province in the Jiangsu Year of Culture and Tourism. A series of online and offline cultural and tourism activities will be released throughout the year. In this photography online exhibition of “Charm of Jiangsu”, 45 exquisite photographs will be shown to present the Su-style beauty and culture.

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